portrait by alberto embriz de salvatierra

Bennett Winters, Lead Thinker

Bennett Winters is an introspective writer, dedicated athlete and avid film enthusiast. Having graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, he has been a widely-read digital journalist for Readwave and handled communications operations for Ithaca-based start-up Yorango. While at Cornell, he was the Chapter Educator for Beta Theta Pi and Captain of Cornell's Varsity Sprint Football Team. In writing, he has been awarded the Dorothy Anderson Writing Award and Cornell University’s George Harmon Coxe Award for Fiction Writing. His areas of aesthetic interest include: the affective impact of different styles of film and literature, the boundaries between genres and mediums of storytelling, and the construction of character archetypes that give acute and penetrating accounts of the interpersonal. He applies these studies to test the power of fiction, and its ability to impact society in organic and protean ways. With his highly refined explorations of American culture and human dynamics, Bennett is an invaluable member of Aesir Lab, and will be a Contributing Editor while he begins teaching English to students abroad in Ulsan, South Korea.

He can be reached at winters@aesirlab.com.