portrait by alberto embriz de salvatierra

Nicole Pearson, Lead Catalyst

Nicole Pearson is a Master of Architecture I candidate at the Boston Architectural College. She previously earned her Bachelor of Engineering in Naval Architecture from SUNY Maritime. Deeply determined and high-achiever, Nicole has sailed as an Engine Training Officer aboard the TS Empire State IV while teaching shipboard electricity and designating ship watch over the 7,000 HP steam engine; and been a Third Assistant Engineer for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) where she was at sea for two years aboard NOAA Ship Henry B. Bigelow (R-225), being responsible for maintenance, troubleshooting and creating technical drawings for in-port repair periods. She has also sailed with the Polar Tankers Shipping Company as an engine cadet aboard the MT Polar Discovery in Valdez, Alaska—working with engineers to perform operations and maintenance of the 14,000 HP diesel plant. Now pausing her love-affair with the sea, she is dedicating her time to architecture and was recently an Adjunct Faculty for the BAC’s Summer Academy (Pre-College) Program running successful studios in architecture and urban design for high-school students.

Nicole can be reached at pearson@aesirlab.com.