Part of the Aesir Center for Civilization, Aesir Lab is the research and publications division focused on exploring syncretic thoughts and innovative perspectives aimed at improving civilization. We see each other as co-creators of a new reality—moving forward to bring into being a new set of prototypes for the advancement of contemporary society. Systematically cataloging both past and present conditions, our research is currently addressing a variety of topics that seek to bring awareness to models more suitable for society. In addition to our multi-disciplinary investigations, we are also contributing shorter-term explorations on an array of topics in the forms of weekly writings. As such, we feel our digital forum is a crucial step in elucidating the thinking necessary for the continuity and flourishing of humanity.


Our mission is twofold. First, we aim to provide a platform—a voice—for a generation of thinkers deeply committed to new models and methods on the workings of society. Unconstrained by geographical boundaries or territorial obstacles, we are seeking to expand our increasing network of scholars around the world to more proactively engage in cross-fertilizing conversations and collaborative projects. Second, through our research, we would like to uncover useful truths and paradigms that can inform current discourse on society and civilization. 


Our vision is to create a world that more completely reflects the simple, yet powerful idea that, "Above all Nations is Humanity."