portrait by talos x

Barrett Ames, Lead Catalyst

Barrett Ames is a PhD candidate in Robotics at Duke University and the Technology Managing Director at Talos X, an advance engineering consulting firm for industrial and commercial operations. Barrett was the inaugural laureate for a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Robotics from Cornell University and since graduating has worked as a Software Engineer for Oceaneering Space Systems, where he designed the perception system for NASA's Project Valkyrie and participated in the DARPA robotics challenge; has served as Senior Software Engineer for a 3D-printed electronics company; and was the lead engineer at Thorpe Seeop where he developed an anti-piracy Unmanned Aerial System. Barrett has also developed drivers for Microstain IMUs; implemented and tested an Extended Kalman Filter on a humanoid robot; and conceived and implemented a novel point cloud compression algorithm. When not volunteering his time as advisor in the Beta Delta Chapter of Beta Theta Pi’s Fraternity Alumni House Corporation, you will find him tackling some new project to satisfy his voracious pursuit for the unexplored. 

Barrett can be reached at ames@aesirlab.com.